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Dominican Republic Boca Chica
Dominican Republic Boca Chica

Boca Chica

Boca Chica, is the most modern public health resort of the country, located in San Andres Bay, near Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. It is located at about 30 kilometers from the East of Santo Domingo, in the South coast of the Hispaniola Island. It is the most hidden treasure of the country. It is not only is the most protected reef in the Caribbean, but also that Small Mouth is the capital of nocturnal life, as well as an excellent tourist center where you will always have fun.

The tourist development of this region started in 1950, then, at the end of the ’60 and beginnings of the ‘70 this beach became very popular and crowded by national and international tourists. It is very famous as a result of its crystalline, calm and little deep waters, of approximately 400 meters in length and by their proximity with the airport and the capital as well as by its dynamic nocturnal life. It also has restaurants with specialties of the German, Canadian, French, Italian, Creole and international kitchen. You will find a great variety of water sports available for rent, perfect site to practice zagual, kayak, nautical ski or the “banana boat”.

Everything is located in a tourist development in the center of the beach including Don Juan Beach Resort and its associate diving center, Treasure Divers. In addition, an endless number of water sports can be practiced here where the most important part of Boca Chica Beach is located. There is a boat landing stage next to the beach.
It has two small barren islands: Los Pinos, which was built with dredged sand from Andrés Port in 1950. It is the greater and has plenty of resistant bottom and “La Matica which is a key with mangroves and a habitat of several species of birds; approximately at 400 meters from this place there is a reef that stands out and has the shape a giant circle that extends from one extremity of the beach to the other. The reef covers all the surface of the bay constituting a giant natural-salt-water swimming pool, whose average depth is one meter and works as a natural barrier for the Caribbean Sea; it has a fresh drinking water spring, coming from Brujuel, an underground river.

Life at night in Small Mouth takes place mainly on Duarte Street, parallel to the beach; the crowd in this street is able to turn the night into a kind of a neighborhood celebration, where you will be able to listen to the most popular music of the country like Merengue and Bachata. You can even learn how to dance there.


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