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Dominican Republic Playa Dorada
Dominican Republic Playa Dorada

Playa Dorada

Dorada Beach is a community of controlled access which is located at approximately 5 km from the East side of Puerto Plata City.

It is considered today by a great number of tourists as an area of great attraction. It is considered a place to be discovered where you will find relaxation, mainly in its stripe of white sandy beaches protected by coral reefs. With an abundant tourist infrastructure of first class, this area is known as “Dorada Beach”. This complex offers travelers the possibility of choosing between a set of more than a dozen of beach hotels, the majority of these bath-centers are considered as “all included” (accommodation, all the foods and drinks), each one with its own commercial centers, bars, discos, casinos, restaurants and of course the 13 miles of beautiful golden sand beaches in Dorada. Each hotel with its own style and attractions; a golf field called “Dorado Beach, a great commercial square known by the community as “Golden Beach Mall", it is outdoors and is equipped with tourist warehouses, pharmacies, doctor, operators, gift shops, bars (Cheers, Hemingway), fast foods (Pizza Hut and Archies) and the famous jewelry shop “Harrison Jewelers ", you can also find in Dorada Beach banks located in the commercial center. They are: “Popular Bank”, “Bank of Reserves”, “Exterioras Bank ", as well as automatic tellers located outside the building, with free Internet service. There are plenty of nighttime activities with live entertainment every night, also 3 casinos and 3 discos are located in the complex. The Casinos are located in the “Allehgr Jack Tar ", “AMHSA Paradise Beach Resort” and the “Western Golden Beach ".

The discos are in the “Heavens (Andromeda)”, “Playa Naco (Topps)” and “AMHSA Paradise” Beach Resort .

You will also have the opportunity to go to restaurants that offer international food as well as to practice motorized water sports. You will enjoy strolls in vehicles that will take you by the entire complex and having stimulating excursions to historical places such as: San Felipe de Puerto Plata fortress, the Ambar Museum, Isabel de Torres Hill, the Victorian Public Square of the Central Park and some old constructions.


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